Greetings with my next vehicle: a record breaker, in more ways than one! As a challenge, I have decided to create the narrowest possible car with supercar specs. I used 68.8×36 wheels, which are commonly used on large LEGO cars. I have incorporated a differential, full independent suspension, drive, steering and a 2-speed transmission, yet the car is just 14 studs wide, 9 studs of which is wheel. This is why it might be an unofficial record-breaker – I highly doubt anyone can improve on the width while using the same wheels and the same specs.

I found that the trick with the suspensions was that the wheels are partially hollow, so some of the suspension could fit inside the wheel, vastly reducing the width. Driven independent suspensions are often very wide, because the conventional double-wishbone type needs four universal joints, which add a lot of width. So I invented a new suspension type, similar to the one used on front of my CUTLASS model (sorry – built before the blog, see at http://www.us.lego.com/en-gb/mindstorms/community/robot?projectid=2d839ede-fc8a-410e-8ab7-1501be06c6a2). It works by mounting each wheel on a lever, which turns to allow the wheel to move up or down. For a driven suspension, the lever has gears inside, like a portal axle gear hub. The front suspension is a normal double-wishbone type, but made as narrow as possible.

As for the transmission, it is loosely based on Sariel’s 2-speed ratchet transmission. It shifts by changing the direction of the motor. The main downside to this transmission is that the vehicle cannot reverse. However, it doesn’t need an extra motor to shift.

I am planning an incredible transmission to show you, so keep your eyes peeled! Hopefully ready in a week, two tops!

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