About the MindGarage

While learning Python and Java, I came across MINDSTORMS. Interested in the programming side of the system, I began building, only to discover that the programming environment was a tangled, visual mess. This was not programming as I knew it. After getting some LEGO Technic books, I rapidly discovered the mechanical side of MINDSTORMS. After about £30 worth of Bricklink orders, I began experimenting with numerous devices – suspensions, transmissions, everything. After a while, I started uploading my creations to the LEGO website. From there, I expanded, getting my own Youtube channel and now a blog.

Most of my creations are vehicles, which is why I chose this name. I have developed several “formulae” for building wheeled vehicles, for speed or for features. I do also build other things once in a while – I am also into LEGO weapons.


What are these creations, and where can I get them?

These are creations that I have built from my own mind. There is only one copy of each model, which is in my MindGarage. They are not official LEGO sets, and I am unable to sell them to anyone.

Do you keep your models?

No. There are essential parts that must be reused in every model. My need to build simply exceed my need to stare at finished models.

How many parts do you have?

Hardly any. I would estimate 3 to 4 thousand, with a total value of about £500 or so. In contrast, some builders have over 100,000 parts! I have one MINDSTORMS EV3 set, one MINDSTORMS EV3 expansion set and a bunch of other random parts.

How long does it take you to build these things?

Depends on the complexity. Most take 4 to 6 hours, but the most complex ones can take over 24 hours.


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